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Assuring successful meetings and events: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners gathers thousands of insurance leaders annually.

DBA gets their meeting tonnage there safe and sound.

Arranging a national conference involves a lot more than getting people to the right destination. Brian Arscott, senior meetings manager of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) can vouch for that.

Every major NAIC conference requires literally a truckload of computers, copiers, wiring, tables, directional signs, registration materials, brochures and thousands of booklets.

For more than six years, the association has relied on Distribution By Air (DBA) to get equipment and materials to the right place at the right time.

The job includes retrieving all equipment from NAIC’s 15th floor offices in downtown Kansas City and loading it carefully onto a semi-trailer waiting at the loading dock. Each item has its proper place to allow for orderly unpacking and set-up once the truck makes it to the conference destination.

“It fits together like one giant jigsaw puzzle,” said Arscott. “And it’s very important the puzzle is assembled correctly so we spend our time at the meeting efficiently.”

The largest IT pieces are stacked and transported on wheeled pallets. The system of loading, unpacking and repacking the equipment and materials has been repeated successfully many times.

“Our shipping requires a lot of precision, it’s quite an operation,” Arscott said.

“DBA makes sure it runs like a well oiled machine.”

NAIC works with Amanda Davenport of DBA to fulfill its shipping needs.

“She’s very client-oriented and very accessible,” said Arscott. “She checks on us regularly, in person, and that means a lot.”

DBA has always made its deliveries to a conference site on time, Arscott said. Even when bad weather or mechanical problems have come up, DBA makes sure alternate routes and methods are built in. A lot of people depend on the services of DBA at NAIC meetings – attendee numbers reach the thousands.

NAIC supports the insurance commissioners from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. Territories. NAIC’s mission is protecting the public interest and supporting state-based insurance regulation.

The association has an annual budget of nearly $80 million. It spends about $1.3 to $1.5 million on meetings each year. The association sponsors three national

Brian Arscott

Brian Arscott, Senior Meetings Manager, NAIC

conferences annually that draw about 1,900 people each, including the state insurance commissioners and staff, elected officials and the insurance industry. There are numerous other special meetings held each year as well, such as a recent financial summit in Washington, D.C., attended by nearly 500 people.

An area is set up at every major conference for insurance commissioners and staff, and NAIC staff to work as necessary. “It’s a complete business center outfitted with Internet connections, computers, printers and copiers,” Arscott said.

The association also has areas for registration, conference materials, media work and other services.

NAIC values the relationship with DBA and it shows in the most obvious way – enthusiastic use of DBA expertise and services.

“DBA has been great. We appreciate their reliability, as well as their consistently friendly service,” Arscott said.

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