Mission Critical: When Marel Food Systems has a customer in need, there’s little margin for error

Distribution By Air delivers on service and performance

Rocco Romeo’s eyes dart from high performance protein processing one side to the other of the U.S. wall map behind his desk. Fast eyes and fast fingers quickly locate the small town in the southeast corner of Alabama, and he begins to gather the details of the package: a 12lb. replacement conveyor belt for one of their state-of-the-art bone detection systems needs to get to Dothan, Ala. And it needs to be on the next flight out.

“We have a lot of ground to cover in North America, and our parts can be the difference between profitable uptime and very expensive downtime,” said Romeo. As logistics coordinator at Marel Food Systems Sales and Service Center in Lenexa, Kan., dozens of packages a month containing valuable field replacement parts must get to their field destinations as quickly as possible - hot rush - in logistics terminology.

Marel is a global provider of protein portioning and processing systems to the fish, meat and poultry industries. With offices and subsidiaries in over

30 countries on six continents, and more than 3,500 employees worldwide, Marel keeps its focus on a very simple brand promise: develop and support high performance systems for customers worldwide.

“Some of these large protein processors produce hundreds of thousands of units a week and each hour they’re down could cost them as much as several hundred thousand dollars in lost production and sales,” said Romeo.

Romeo analyzes price, performance and service when it comes to his hot rush shipping needs, and he monitors vendor performance in these key areas. As one of his leading service providers, the Kansas City office of Distribution By Air (DBA) measures up quantitatively, as well as qualitatively.

“The team at DBA is always incredibly courteous, professional and responsive,” said Romeo. “And their experience in operations gives us additional confidence in DBA’s capabilities to understand our needs, and mobilize when we need them.”

10 Years of Logistics Experience: Rocco Romeo in the fully outfitted equipment demonstration room at the Marel Sales and Service Center in Lenexa, Kan.

persistence” on DBA’s part before Romeo gave them the nod. After that initial trial he was hooked by the friendly and approachable service, as well as
the easy-to-use shipping software provided by DBA.

“Rocco has placed his trust in us and we take that seriously,” said Kevin Martinez, general manager of DBA. “When he calls, we know what’s on the line because we’ve gotten to know him and his business.”

DBA's Common-Sense Service Approach

  • We give you feedback on shipping feasibility
  • We give you options.
  • Your way becomes our way.

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