DBA Delivers: International Expansion Escalates Shipping Demand for Breit Technologies

International demand for Breit Technologies’ cast and cure film product for holographic printing has exploded. New relationships with national and multi-national brands and multi-national corporations,have required the company to up its shipping game to meet the needs of a global marketplace where there’s little room for error. After an urgent shipment for a major customer went awry, Breit turned to Distribution by Air (DBA) to handle its shipping needs,driving smarter spending and more reliable performance.

Breit Technologies creates cast and cure film to enable printing of holographic images. When Bill Granfors and Tim Cain started the company 15 years ago, they thought they’d be producing menus and labels for local businesses.

“Then we were approached by Colgate-Palmolive and everything exploded,” Granfors said.

Breit began shipping product internationally and has used a number of vendors over the years. Granfors understands the complexities of the logistics and systems, but when an urgent shipment for Crest Toothpaste went missing a few years ago, no one could tell him how they were going to fix the situation.

Granfors’ frustration wasn’t so much about the missing shipment, as much as it was about the vendor’s lack of communication.

“We understand that things are going to go wrong,” Granfors said. “It’s not if – it’s when. What matters 

“I told her what was happening and she
promised me that that we would always get
direct answers from DBA, and I always have,”
Granfors said.

DBA’s service, execution and exacting
attention to detail are a critical component to
Breit’s success.

“We are working with major companies –
Hallmark, McDonald’s, Valvoline, Charles
Scribner’s Sons. They trust us,” Granfors said.
“We need to be able to trust our shipper to
deliver and DBA exceeds our expectations
every time.”

Part of the success is due to DBA’s
commitment to keeping clients informed every step of the way.

“Chance Pope, the international manager at
DBA, is our primary contact. He keeps me up
to date on every shipment. I receive emails
and phone calls from him 24 hours a day. I
doubt he ever sleeps,” Granfors said. “We
recently had to send an urgent shipment to
Italy. He took care of everything for us without
a hitch.”

Granfors appreciates that DBA is growing
globally and is able to efficiently and
accurately navigate the complexities of
building relationships internationally.

“We ship to 50 countries,” Granfors said “DBA helps us align all the documentation that’s needed. They’ve been incredibly helpful in helping us navigate the process as we
grow into new markets.”

"DBA is extremely easy to reach and there’s no nonsense. They tell me what’s happening, how they’re going to address it -all for a competitive cost."
Bill Granfors, Founder, Breit Technologies

DBA is an expert in anticipating challenges and finding solutions. As the global impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus began to emerge, DBA established a live page so clients could access timelines and developments in the
global supply chain.

“We are committed to keeping up with the any developments and changes that affect our clients,” Davenport says. “It’s important to us to provide our clients with the latest information available to allow for planning
and contingencies. That’s our on-going promise to our clients, whether it’s in crisis, or business as usual.”

Expertise and Execution Assure International Shipping Success

  • Ambition: Deliver domestic and international shipping services for businesses, including streamlined international logistics with an emphasis on building relationships through constant communication and excellent execution.
  • Actions: DBA promises a high level of communication and execution, resulting in stronger partnerships with major brands and highprofile customers.
  • Outcome: Breit Technologies relies on DBA to coordinate, track and execute domestic and international shipping for major clients such as Hallmark, McDonald’s, and Colgate-Palmolive.

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